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Giving your organisation the perspective it needs.

An idea was born. Drones.

Drones on Demand was an idea born from spending the day searching for a vulnerable missing person. The Police helicopter had done some preliminary searches but had been called away on other taskings leaving large areas still to be searched. Time was of the essence. What we really needed was our own helicopter.

This seed of an idea wouldn’t go away and over the following months developed into Drones on Demand; providing you with drones that are able to safely and quickly capture the data that your organisation needs – whether high resolution photo mapping, 3D models, inspection and survey data or being your eye in the sky to give you additional operational intelligence at costs far less than traditional methods.

We believe that we are experts in a new and rapidly changing field. We are able to bring our experience of flying and building drones, photographic skills and knowledge of how best to exploit technology for our customers together to deliver your requirement right first time.

Oh, and we have over 10 year’s operational experience in Mountain Rescue.

Drones on Demand holds a Permission For Commercial Operation, granted by the Civil Aviation Authority. Additionally we have been granted extended permissions for night flight and for extended range. We hold public liability insurance and are committed of the safe operation of drones.

This could be the first step to getting your project off the ground. Contact us now – we just love ‘dronin on’!

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