Big changes are coming to the drone industry in 2020

Much has been made (rightly so) of the introduction and level of charge for registration of all remote pilots and their aircraft that comes in to force in November.  From the perspective of a commercial operator, this represents a minor annoyance, inconvenience and another bit of administration. I am more concerned about the impact of… Read more »

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Gatwick Drone Incident – a Droner’s View

*UPDATE (18/09/19):  There have still been no charges brought with relation to the disruption at Gatwick in December 2018* First and foremost I have utmost sympathy for anyone who has been impacted by the sustained and deliberate criminal drone activity at Gatwick airport. It’s my belief that the sole purpose of this activity has been… Read more »

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100 hours and counting!

We’re celebrating! Drones on Demand has clocked up 100 hours of flight working on projects for our clients since the company was founded in January 2017. We’ve also put in the miles, travelling from one end of the country to the other, ending up in some rather unusual places. Along the way we’ve conducted measured… Read more »

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farming land inspection services

Industry News – Drone Registration

Drones in the news… In case you missed it, there was a lot of drone related news over the weekend – it’s taken a little while to read through the various reports, but we thought that it would be good to share a summary and our view on developments. On Saturday 22nd July it was… Read more »

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Recycling yard - drone captured waste management industry

Drones and the Waste Management Industry

Drones in the Waste Management Industry : Reducing time, saving money and improving safety Drone technology is rapidly evolving, having come a long way in the last five years. Alongside this, there has been an explosion in technologies that are able to exploit the data that the drones can capture. Previously drones were limited to… Read more »

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Drone Survey: Cable Corridor Mapping

The Brief We recently received a call asking if it would be possible to create a high-resolution map of a 21 kilometre cable route connecting a wind farm to the National Grid before work started to dig trenches and bury the cable. Having successfully delivered drone survey data to clients with both small and large… Read more »

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