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Drone Inspection Services

Drones on Demand can help you reduce the risk and the cost of visually inspecting assets through our drone inspection services.

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We can quickly and safely visually inspect high or hard to reach places without the need for scaffolding, rope access or access platforms. This removes the need for anyone to work at height to conduct a visual inspection.

Our skilled pilots capture high-resolution stills or video using standard and zoom cameras that are then delivered for analysis.

Using photogrammetry techniques we can create high-resolution ortho-mosaics and 3D models depending on the asset being inspected.

Reduce Downtime

A drone inspection allows clients to safely inspect assets without having to take them out of commission for extended periods of time. This limits disruption for users and maximises uptime.

Dilapidation Monitoring

Our integrated inspection drone technology allows us to re-fly previous flight plans so that you can monitor the condition of assets over a period of time, comparing imagery from each flight side by side targeting preventative maintenance to the right place at the right time.

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Thermal imaging inspection by drone can be quickly and efficiently deployed to:

  • Identify thermal leakage from buildings, verifying correct installation of thermal barriers after construction or identifying areas of poor insulation  helping to reduce heating and cooling bills
  • Verify correct working of PV solar panels and identify faulty cells during commissioning to ensure fully working prior to handover to client or during periodic inspection helping to maximise return on investment
  • Identify faulty or inefficient high voltage equipment identify components requiring preventative maintenance
  • Verify temperature of gasses expelled from chimney

Remote or Onsite

Our drones can privately stream the camera feed in real time over the Internet meaning that your surveyor or inspector can be in more than one place at once or multiple people in multiple locations can also view the camera feed.

We can connect your remote inspector directly with the drone pilot – ensuring that we capture the data you need to make decisions.

Emergency Response

We can mobilise at a moment’s notice to support you in your immediate response decision making. Rapidly and safely assess unsafe structures without having complexities of working at height, hiring access platforms or potentially putting people in harm’s way inside your cordon.


  • Bridge inspection, including under the span
  • Dam wall
  • Dangerous and unsafe buildings
  • Wind turbine dilapidation assessment and blade condition
  • Arboreal inspection
  • PV panel efficiency inspection
  • HV equipment / power line inspection
  • Roof inspection, particularly large and complex areas
  • Guttering condition analysis
  • High-rise building inspection
  • Access over water
  • Roller coaster inspection

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