Drone Survey & Mapping

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Drone Survey & Mapping

Drones on Demand uses the latest drone surveying technology and techniques to capture and process photographic data, producing accurate, high-resolution survey data in the form of orthomosaics, elevation data and 3D point clouds.

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Using our survey drones, we capture hundreds of data points per square metre which can result in data that has a Ground Sampling Distance of less than 1cm per pixel. We use Ground Control Points within our workflow, which bring about an absolute accuracy, usually between 20mm and 50mm.

Once the drone has captured the data it is rapidly processed and once passed quality assurance is handed over to clients through our cloud based portal.

Drones on Demand are Pix4D Certified in photogrammetry.  We use Pix4D to rapidly collect and process accurate data.

Survey Data

Using the web-portal or their own GIS / CAD software, clients can quickly and easily measure distances, calculate area and volume, view elevation profiles and add annotations.

We also provide clients with direct access to their data in file formats and in a projection of their choice, for example British National Grid OSGB36(15):

  • DXF
  • GeoTIFF
  • JPG
  • KML
  • SHP
  • LAS
  • XYZ
  • OBJ

These files are compatible with GIS software such as AutoCAD Civil 3D,  QGIS, and ArcGIS.  This data can then be included withing your BIM workflow.


  • Rapid topographical survey
  • Survey of high risk areas without committing personnel
  • Construction progress monitoring
  • Calculate earth moving / stockpile volumes
  • Identify and quantify erosion
  • Monitoring ground movement
  • Identifying drainage issues
  • Verifying earthworks against plan
  • Explore site in 3D without visiting
  • Share with clients or subcontractors, helping them visualise and use in site induction
  • Create 3D fly-throughs for showcase or planning applications
  • Physically print models in 3D

Reduce Risk

Our skilled drone pilots can capture data previously too dangerous to capture such as close ups of active quarry faces and unstable land slips. Access hard to reach and hazardous areas without committing human resources.

Progress Monitoring

Using pre-programmed flight patterns we can readily recreate exactly the same surveys over a period of time, allowing you to compare ‘before and after’ views or periodically monitor progress.

Who do we work with?

We work alongside your internal survey team, with our own surveyors or, depending on application, directly with our clients.

Our approach enables you to spend less time collecting data and more time on the value add analysis.

2D Orthomosaic

Elevation Profile (DSM)

3D Model (Point Cloud)

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