Recycling yard - drone captured waste management industry

Drones in the Waste Management Industry : Reducing time, saving money and improving safety

Drone technology is rapidly evolving, having come a long way in the last five years. Alongside this, there has been an explosion in technologies that are able to exploit the data that the drones can capture.

Previously drones were limited to capturing video or photos from a unique perspective. Now we can capture and process data safely, cheaply and quickly giving you better information on which to run your operation.


Incorporating drones into your continuous monitoring workflow will give you regular snapshots of the condition of your site and immediate surrounding area. You can then compare these snapshots from one flight to the next, helping to identify changes over time. Imagine having a regularly updated high resolution Google Earth view of your site that you can include in regular reporting packs.

You can use this imagery to target where to send your teams, saving time and reducing the need to put people into a potentially dangerous environment purely to conduct a visual inspection.

We use advanced drone photogrammetry techniques to provide elevation profiles of your site which will allow you to monitor erosion over time or accurately calculate the volume of fill left in your site. This information can help you spot issues as they emerge, fix them sooner and usually at a lower cost.

If your site is capped, we can conduct regular analysis of the health of the vegetation cover, identifying areas of stressed vegetation which could be indicative of an emerging problem. We may also be able to identify areas that are damper –potentially identifying areas where leachate is reaching the surface.

Our drones can also carry thermal imaging cameras, allowing us to measure the surface temperature across your site, highlighting hotspots and enabling you to reduce your combustion risk.

Waste Transfer, Recovery and Reuse Facilities

As well as providing you with data to incorporate into continuous monitoring such as high-resolution maps, we can also supply regular data to help you in the management of your Fire Prevention Plans. Using our cloud based software you can quickly and easily calculate the volume of stockpiles, measure their height and width and measure the distance between them. This data forms valuable input into your compliance reporting and could form part of your regular fire safety reviews.

Visually inspect hazardous sites

If your site has areas that require visual inspection but it is difficult or dangerous to access our drone inspection service may help you reduce risk by removing the need to work at height or access via boat. We also aim to save you money by not hiring in scaffolding or access platforms purely to conduct a visual inspection.

Our drones carry high-resolution cameras able to capture still photographs or video. Depending on your requirement we can fly powerful zoom cameras or thermal cameras. We can either fly independently and provide the data to your surveyors afterwards or we can fly accompanied by your surveyor with them directing the pilot to focus on areas of specific interest.

Our state of the art drone technology enables us to stream the video feed from the drone over the internet, allowing you to view the feed in real time in your office saving you the time of travelling to site.

Because we capture this data from the air there is no disruption to your operations while personnel are walking the site also significantly reducing the safety risk.

Disaster Response

In the immediate aftermath of a significant event we can provide you with imagery and data to help you assess the condition of your site and identify any risks that have emerged.

Even if your personnel are physically prevented from accessing the site we can overfly, capturing vital data to assist you in planning your response helping you get the right people to the right place.

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