Drone Surveying for Farming

Better data. Better decisions.

A different perspective

Using drone technology we can provide you with rapid, regular and cost effective data about your crops.  We can:

  • Help you identify areas of stressed vegetation and monitor health through multi-spectral imagery capture and calculating vegetation indices
  • Help you with your drainage and irrigation planning by creating detailed elevation maps of your land
  • Accurately count plant heads and monitor growth
  • Monitor effectiveness of any treatments you apply
  • Help you assess amount of damage to crops due due to adverse weather events

We offer clients access to our cloud platform which enables you to explore your fields, take measurements, calculate area and explore the elevation profiles of your site.  You can even collaborate with colleagues in other locations and share notes on what’s happening on your farm.

Using our fixed wing drones and CAA granted exemptions, Drones on Demand can scout large areas quickly.


SIPI2 and RGB Analysis


Create Zonation reports and send prescription data to your machinery


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