Drone Services for the Public Sector

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Police and Fire Fighting

Drones can be used to support police and fire fighting operations in a number of ways:

  • Aerial observation platform  – for use at incidents either to augment NPAS, or instead of utilising a hydraulic platform.  Video can be streamed from the drone to control room if there is good mobile network coverage.  Video is also streamed directly to the ground and can be sent to a screen locally; multiple drones (with multiple pilots) can be operated at the same time giving 360 coverage of an incident.  We can fly normal visual spectrum cameras or thermal imaging
  • Missing person search / item search – using camera, infrared or other sensors; you can deploy a drone in situations where it is risky to commit human / canine assets, or can be used to assess the situation before sending in human assets.  We are working with Mountain rescue England and Wales to develop best practice around the use of drones in missing persons search.
  • Drones can be used to capture evidence, for example during a pre-planned operation multiple drones can be stationed around the premises and capture video
  • Crime Scene survey – drone technology can be used to capture a detailed aerial map of a crime scene, can create 3D model to help present evidence in court; capture aerial footage of an incident scene without relying on NPAS

Disaster Response

Add an eye in the sky to your disaster response capability. Our drones and experienced pilots are available ‘on call’ 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We can deploy rapidly to provide you with a live, real time video feed at incidents, transmitted to your command post on scene. The footage is recorded and can be later used for evidence or training.

Our survey drones can reach areas that are too high risk to deploy human assets into and can provide incident commanders with real time information relating to the location of their assets within the scene.

We also able to operate our drones at night and have thermal imaging capability, ensuring that you can maintain your situational awareness, even after dark.


Environmental Protection and Monitoring

Use drone technology to capture survey data of sensitive or high risk sites.  This data can be used to create detailed mapping and elevation profiles, enabling you to track erosion or count the number of plants or trees in a given area.

Create detailed mapping and models for environmental impact statements.

Using drone technology to capture survey data reduces processing time to hours, meaning that you can get more regular survey data allowing you to identify issues as they emerge, monitor activity regularly and effortlessly count specimens.

Infrastructure Inspection

Using drones to inspect public infrastructure improves safety, reduces down time and saves money.  Visual inspections of assets that require working at height can be safely conducted using drone technology with minimal disruption to the users of the infrastructure.

Our drones can carry a number of payloads allowing us to visually inspect assets in high definition, from a distance using zoom capability and in thermal.  We are also able to inspect the underside of bridges using drone mounted lighting and upward looking cameras.

We work alongside your qualified surveyors, either on site or remotely, providing them with access to the video feed directly from the camera on the drone and provide the files for archival.

Inspections can be completed in high definition video or photo survey.

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