Drone Inspection for Utilities

Safer. Cost effective. Reduced downtime.

Asset Aerial Survey

Safely access hard to reach places. Our commercial UAVs can conduct low altitude, high resolution aerial surveys of your assets more safely and at a reduced cost compared to rope, boat, access platform or scaffolding. Our drones are quick to deploy and can reduce survey time to minutes, meaning less downtime of your assets.

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We capture high resolution stills and 4k super high resolution video. We can also provide thermal imagery of your assets, highlighting areas for investigation. We can even stream this back to your office in real time.

For your larger assets, we can produce highly detailed mapping by stitching together multiple photographs and can regularly fly the same flight path allow direct dilapidation comparisons over time.


Drones on Demand can regularly fly your assets, producing highly detailed topographical surveys to enable you to monitor dilapidation over time, construction progress, assist in inducting new colleagues and improve decision making about the site.

Using our cloud portal or your in-house GIS software you can measure distances, calculate area and volume and add your own annotations. You will be able to view your site in 2D, 3D and view the changes in elevation.  Find out more about drone survey.


Safely conduct visual inspections without having to commit resources to work at height or in dangerous locations.

Wind turbine close up

Wind turbine inspection


Using drones we can get close to your assets without having to take them out of commission for lengthy periods or at all. We use zoom cameras where required and can also conduct a thermal inspection to identify hotspots, heat leaks or malfunctioning solar cells.

We work alongside your surveyors either side by side on site or remotely via a live stream and provide high resolution imagery of your asset. We are able re-fly previous flight paths, so that we can capture consistent images and dilapidation can be monitored across multiple visits.


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